Zoe Saldana Brings Gamora To The Next Level! Guardians Of The Galaxy



Tomorrow Guardians of the Galaxy opens everywhere and trust me your not going to want to miss it!! Zoe Saldana plays Gamora the ass kicking  step daughter of Thanos who teams up with the other Guardians to save the planet!  Zoe however is no stranger to playing a prominent female lead in a Sci -fi film and certainly knows what it is like to have to go through hours of makeup to transform to a totally different color ( Being green in Guardians and Blue in Avatar) .

I am still mesmerized with the way that Zoe blew me away with her confidence , love for her family, and what she does. She mentioned to us that when she had gotten the part as Gamora she had her nephew teach her all about Guardians of the Galaxy. Gamora is such a fantastic character and who is strong and fearless. When we had asked Zoe what she thought about being a role model for younger girls her answer was nothing I expected, it was just so WOW!

“That– and especially because of that. Because what it’s gonna’ mean. What it means to like my niece, what it means to young women who um– to be one of the few, I wish there were more uh of women like Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel, myself, Zoe Bell that are, that are kind and just you know stepping up.”

zoesaldana The make-up process for Gamora took roughly 4 1/2 to 5 hours ( can you imagine) and often Zoe wouldn’t want to even put down her arm in fear of having to have the make-up touched up. She also laughed with us saying that when she had gotten home after a day of shooting there would be green everywhere.

“It was green everywhere. Like on the pillow and the tub. My dog was green. [LAUGHS] It was crazy.”


Zoe really wanted for Gamora to have a certain elegance about her a grace to her fighting. She had thought of Gamora (who is orphaned from her home and forced into a life of crime by Thanos) as someone who was a really good person, who had been forced into a life of crime. That she had been meant for greatness but all of that had been erased when her life was forever changed.

“I have to come from a very real place and she was a real person. Whatever happens to her, whatever she’s been through is real. Therefore, that’s something that I have to think about.”

She genuinely enjoyed working with the cast of Guardians and it shines through on-screen how well they are together. She had talked about Chris Pratt ( Peter Quill/ Starlord) and how completely inspired she was with his transformation to become Peter Quill.

“This individual, that to me was the most inspiring thing of this whole process was looking at Chris’ commitment to himself. To, to not do, do what he did for cosmetic reasons, but for health reasons ‘because he’s also a father and um and just prove to himself that he can do it.”


Zoe Saldana is truly an amazing woman!

Make sure to check her out starting TOMORROW in Guardians of the Galaxy!

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